Coronavirus Information Center

The Southernmost Point Buoy is seen as the city government takes steps to fight the coronavirus outbreak on March 25, 2020 in Key West, Florida. Most tourists have left Key West as the city closed hotels or short-term vacation rentals and asked restaurants to only serve take-out. Beaches and parks have been closed and starting Friday non-residents may not enter without proof of employment or property ownership in the Florida Keys as city officials attempt to contain COVID-19.

I’ve been snorkeling and partying in Key West for decades. My first adventure was with my high school buddies during Spring Break. On the first night of a cruise my gf and I took last year, we stopped in Key West before heading to Belize. Unfortunately, Florida’s tourist spots have been among the first to feel the burn of the coronavirus outbreak. These pics of some of my favorite spots in Key West, and they are all eerily empty and desolate. – Sean Roberts