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Eddie Vedder hasn’t been as prolific with side-projects as his Pearl Jam bandmates: Stone Gossard used to have a band called Brad (R.I.P. Shawn Smith) and currently is a band called Painted Shield; he’s also done solo records. Jeff Ament has been part of Three Fish, Tres Mtns. and RNDM, and has put out a bunch of solo songs. Matt Cameron’s discography includes a number of projects including Hater, Wellwater Conspiracy, Harrybu McCage and Ten Commandos. Mike McCready, meanwhile, has been a member of Mad Season and the Rockfords.

Vedder, meanwhile, has just three solo albums to his name, so far: but it turns out that he has a pretty impressive discography outside of the band. He’s frequently contributed songs to various artist compilations, done one-off singles, and collaborated with other artists. Here are some of our favorite Vedder moments outside of Pearl Jam.