This Memorial Day Weekend it’s the Tampa Bay 500 – Our BIGGEST music weekend of the year!

A Classic Rock countdown that remains totally crowd-sourced: Meaning YOU, the PASSIONATE & knowledgeable 98.7 The Shark listener determines the order of the finish!

Cast your votes right now, and then enjoy the fruits of your labor during OUR 3 DAY HOLIDAY WEEKEND – packed to the gills with the perfect soundtrack, AND,  a shot at $100 Visa Gift Card just for voting!



  • How to enter – Register to Win
  • When to enter – 5/15/22-5/25/22
  • How winner is being selected – Random selection
  • How many winners are being selected – 1
  • What the prize is – $100 Visa Gift Card
  • Who is providing the prize – 98.7 The Shark
  • Click HERE for general rules