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New Bill Enforces Age Restrictions For Strippers In Florida

I bet if you were to ask people what Tampa is known for, the majority of them would say strip clubs. Just to put it into perspective, Tampa has 43 strip clubs. That exceeds the amount of city hospitals (12), high schools (41), fire stations (21), and synagogues (13). So you can imagine the outrage created when news broke of Ron Desantis signing this new bill enforcing age restrictions for strippers in Florida. The New Bill Explained Governor Ron Desantis signed a bill on Monday that prohibits anyone under the age of 21 from working as a stripper or in other adult entertainment establishments. The bill goes into effect on July 1st. It also explains that the age restriction for these adult entertainment establishments include more than strip clubs. The bill lists adult bookstores, adult theaters, a special cabaret, or unlicensed massage establishments fall under the "adult entertainment". The new bill is an attempt to combat human trafficking in Florida. According to WFLA, the law also requires places where trafficking can occur (Florida rest areas, emergency rooms, strip clubs, massage parlors, etc.) to display human trafficking awareness signs with numbers to human trafficking hotlines. Any businesses that fail to do so, will be subject to increased fines and punishments. On top of the new law, Desantis is allocating a budget of $4.9 million to help the fight against human trafficking and launching a $900,000 program that will help train and staff law enforcement to combat human trafficking. Related: This Florida City Is In The Top 5 For Human Trafficking Desantis explained, "This legislation will help better protect the most vulnerable in our communities, it will ensure that if businesses are not complying with these very modest, reasonable requirements, whether knowingly or unknowingly, they will be held accountable,”. Source: News Channel 8

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