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Q: Brandon had a condom break, not once but twice! He got tested after but should he be like, “Whatever they have as far as STIs, I have now too?” Can you get what the other person has from a broken condom? Why does this keep happening? The Cooper and Anthony Show to the rescue! 

A: Yes. after one time you can get whatever the other person has. It’s the same as not using anything at all, so, yes, one time could do it. It could get her pregnant and you could transfer fluids and get an STI. Very smart that you went and got tested.


When a condom breaks during sex it exposes you to body-to-body contact and sexual fluids. Unprotected contact with bodily fluids is the most common cause of infection and a broken condom opens you up to that possibility. But also pregnancy, which is why the morning after pill exists. In most cases, the pill is effective for up to five days after your last sexual encounter. Emergency pills are most effective when swallowed as soon as possible. 

5 most common reasons a condom breaks:

  1. The expiration date is off or you stored it wrong (like in your wallet for too long, near heat, etc.)
  2. The condom had a hole in it, maybe it happened while you opened it in haste or maybe it was degraded in some way. But don’t worry, it wasn’t likely an old lover sabotaging you. Condoms get holes for other reasons. 
  3. You used the wrong lube. Using oil-based lube weakens latex. DON’T use vaseline, coconut oil, or baby oil. Use water-based or silicone-based lubes only.
  4. You used the wrong sized condom. This is why they have that different sized pack. Find the one that fits you properly and leave your ego at the door. 
  5. When you put it on it had an air pocket. If the tip of the condom feels like an inflated balloon, there’s air inside it. “Leaving it there could make the condom more likely to break during sex. Release the air by placing your hands around the penis and gently smoothing out the condom from tip to base.” –Very Well Health 

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