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Adult babies (ABDL) is a growing fetish

Q: Emily is an adult baby who has a roommate so she cant live out her fetish. Having a roommate makes her worried that if they find out it could be humiliating for her. She wonders if it’s worse living with a roommate or living with her parents. She called The Cooper and Anthony Show to get some advice from our Dr. Cooper.


A: What you are referring to, colloquially in the kink community, is called ABDL which stands for ADULT BABY DIAPER LOVER sometimes separate sometimes together but just the way that BDSM is a term, so is ABDL.


So, should you tell your seemingly vanilla roommate?  The short answer is no. Unless she is one of your best friends and won’t judge you and is fully supportive of everything you do and everything you are, I wouldn’t. Your kink is really none of her business.  Living your fetish out in the apartment is a matter of respect for your shared space, too. Just like if she was banging a guy, they wouldn’t have sex in the kitchen while you’re home, right?


When it comes to sex and kinks and fetishes and roommates, you can do and be whoever you want in the privacy of your own bedroom.  You do not have the right to do anything that would make her uncomfortable in any shared space.

Like if she were a nudist. She would have to be naked in her room but put a robe on when she’s in the dining room. That’s what living with a roommate is no matter who you are or what your fetish is, and the same goes for if you moved back home. 


I disagree with you. Living where you are now is actually better. The difference is, your parents own that house and they may feel they have the right to enter your bedroom in their house. So. I would argue that you actually have more freedom and more privacy living with a roommate.

If you want to be able to live A-B-D-L out and proud around your entire home, you need to either live alone or live with another ABDL which you can find on a subreddit, a private Snapchat group or dozens of other online community chatrooms and pages.

But until you do, go to your room young lady!

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