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Disgusted woman rejecting a geek boy offering flowers in a blind date in a coffee shop interior


Men taking the lead is a new trend in dating, and you can thank Gen Z for it. A whopping 47% say  that men should absolutely should take the lead for several reasons. They say that despite all the gender equality, women still hesitate when it comes to showing a guy they’re into, that they’re into them. Besides that, there is a shocking number of men who are turned off by a women who comes across as thirsty.

While Gen Z thinks they’re onto something, men taking the lead has been a long-standing tradition in many cultures, and there are several reasons why this approach has worked in the past. First and foremost, it can help establish a clear sense of direction and purpose in the dating relationship. Just a quick look at TikTok and you’ll see post after post of women asking the ether what he wants and where is this going and giving advice on why it didn’t work. This is what is fueling this Gen Z trend. By taking the lead, men can convey their intentions clearly and confidently, which can help to avoid misunderstandings or confusion about the nature of the relationship. This avoids all of that, “where is this going” and group chats with your friends trying to figure out if he likes you.

Additionally, when men take the lead in dating, they can help to create a sense of safety and security for their partner. By demonstrating their ability to plan and organize dates, make decisions, and take initiative, men can convey a sense of competence and strength that can be reassuring for their partner. It’s pretty hot when a guy is assertive about YOU.

Furthermore, taking the lead in dating can be an important aspect of building attraction and fostering intimacy. When men are confident, assertive, and proactive in their approach to dating, they can help to create a sense of excitement and anticipation that can be very attractive to their partner. This can lead to a deeper sense of connection and intimacy, which can ultimately help to build a stronger and more meaningful relationship.


It is important to note, however, that taking the lead in dating does not mean that men should be domineering or controlling in their approach. Rather, it should be done with sensitivity and respect for their partner’s feelings and needs. Ultimately, the goal of taking the lead in dating should be to create a positive and fulfilling relationship that is based on mutual trust, respect, and understanding.

Look, you know that once we’re in a relationship, it’s women who usually take the lead. We make the plans and are better at organizing our lives and the family plans. That’s not to say there aren’t men who are great at that too, it’s just science that women’s brains work differently than men’s do.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to dating, there are many benefits to men taking the lead in this area. By being proactive, confident, and assertive, men can help to create a sense of direction, safety, and intimacy in the dating relationship. However, it is important to approach this with sensitivity and respect, in order to build a relationship that is based on mutual trust and understanding.