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A few weeks back we told you about the Rays offering $10 tickets for all home games. That’s a great deal if you plan on going to just a handful of games. But if you’re a diehard baseball fan who lives near The Trop, there’s a new offer might be an even better deal for you.

The Tampa Bay Rays are offering a subscription-like season ticket option called the Ballpark Pass. Get a standing room only seat to ALL home games at Tropicana Field for $49 a month. Or commit to supporting the team the whole season and prepay $249. With 80 home games, that breaks down to about $3.25 a game! So what’s the catch? (Lame pun intended.)

The Bad

#1: You don’t get an assigned seat at the game. You are pretty much just granted admission into the park. But listen, we know the Rays attendance issues. If you want a seat, there will likely be more than a few unused for most games.

#2: You won’t have the best view in the park. Standing room only locations are all in the outfield so if a seat behind home plate is what you need, this deal is not for you.

#3: You will not be able to resell tickets. If there are games you can’t go to, you won’t be able to resell them like you would if you had a regular season ticket.

The Good

#1: Obviously the big one… this is a CHEAP way to get to enjoy a lot of Rays baseball. For those who’ve complained over the years that tickets are too expensive and they’d go to a lot more games if they were priced lower, the Rays are pretty much calling you out.

#2: Another key thing… no blackout dates. You won’t be denied access to popular games like the home opener or games against teams like the Red Sox or Yankees.

#3: One other neat perk… you can purchase a guest pass.

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