Ozzy Osbourne is many things: Rock icon, doting grandfather and…avid gamer? That certainly seems to be the case in the latest ad for Horizon Call of the Mountain for the PlayStation VR2.

The 60-second spot opens with Osbourne unboxing the gaming system. Wife/manager Sharon Osbourne enters and says, “Ozzy, are you going to help me pack these boxes or what? We’ve got a flight to England!” Ozzy responds, “Hang on, Sharon! I wanna play with my PlayStation VR2. I’m very technical these days.”

The ad then cuts to gameplay play and shows The Prince of Darkness wearing the VR headset and holding the controls. He’s thoroughly enjoying the game and the system and screams many expletives, as one would expect.

Ozzy then yells for Sharon who re-enters the room clearly annoyed.

“Ozzy, what’s wrong?!” yells Sharon.

“I think that Stormbird was trying to bite my head off,” says Ozzy.

“That f-cking Stormbird needs to get at the back of the line!” replies Sharon.

Anyway, I long to one day be as happy as Ozzy while he was playing with the PlayStation VR2. Then again, the check he likely received to appear in the ad would probably make any of us pretty damn happy.


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