More than 8,000 migrants have arrived since 2022.

It’s a new way to get to the shores of America, and it involves Facebook Marketplace.
In a bizarre twist, the saga of Cuban migrants trying to get to the United States has gone high-tech. It involves Facebook Marketplace, private Facebook groups and boat parts. Some Cuban citizens have opted to buy various boat parts online and have them sent to Cuba so they can assemble the parts into a viable watercraft there. Private groups that have foremd on Facebook are filled with people who are trying to get to America. They place ads in search of engines, navigational equipment and more. Once the parts are shipped and arrive in Cuba, they are utilized in a boat that will hopefully get them safely to the United States. Since the current U.S policy dictates that migrants will be turned away from our beaches, many have decided to take their chances and make the dangerous trip themselves. In the past, many boats that were used to cross the 100-mile stretch were frail and unsafe. Add to that, unpredictable weather and you’ve got a treacherous journey on your hands. Buying the proper parts online ensures that passengers have a better chance of surviving the trip.
The Facebook message boards often feature pictures of Cuban migrants who made the trip successfully, smiling and embracing one another on the shore in the florida Keys. Other posts, however, show pictures of loved ones who have not been seen since their attempt to make the journey. People who have made the trip say they had to leave the hunger and desperation of Cuba, saying they just wanted to have a chance at a good life. A U.S. law from 1966 says that a person from Cuba can become a permanent citizen if they are a resident of America for at least a year. But those who enter our country by illegal means are not eligible for the program, which can leave them vulnerable to exploitation. More than 8,000 migrants have been reported off the shores of Florida since 2022, which is a huge increase from previous years. Source:

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