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It’s getting harder and harder to find recruits who don’t have tattoos, just ask the Lakeland Police Department. Many law enforcement agencies have banned visible tats for years, but un-tatted applicants are becoming more difficult to find.
The Lakeland Police Department currently has job epenings for 15 people, but they are having a problem finding suitable applicants. It’s not because of lack of education, impeccable records or past indiscretions, it’s because of tattoos. You see, Lakeland has a policy against their officers having more than 50% of their arms covered in ink. The policy also forbids any tattoos on the face, neck, hands or fingers. Here’s the rub. Many of today’s applicants have full-sleeve tats, which are not allowed. IN addition to teh choice of where to put tattoos, many applicants have ink that has specific meaning, which could be problematic.
Some believe that the relaxing of policies is a troubling trend, saying it’s slippery slope that could wind up allowing subpar applicants to find their way into positions of power. Meanwhile, most police departments continue to enforce rules when it comes to tattoos. Polk county still forbids tats on officers, while other local law enforcement agencies have no restrictions. Source:

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The Best Florida Cities For Retirement

Stop us if you’ve heard this before. Multiple Florida cities made a list of best places for retirement, one even earned the top spot. Deciding where to retire can be a tough decision (for some), but for Floridians, we know nothing is better than the Sunshine State.

It’s pretty obvious why people flee to Florida to retire. We have warm weather year-round, beautiful beaches, plenty of golf courses, and easy access to health care. Coincidentally, those are a lot of the factors Niche based their study on. This study was looking for cities that would score high for: weather, crime rates, residents 65 and older, housing costs, and access to amenities such as restaurants, golf courses, exercise facilities, and doctors.┬áStates like California and Arizona are also considered prime retirement destinations. To keep you from reading about the same states, a maximum of 10 places per state were featured.

Some of the most desirable retirement destinations are those located near major cities like San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles. But because cost of living is so high, it’s not ideal for people on fixed incomes. Not only do we have multiple retirement communities in Florida, but so many activities for them to take part in! We get that wasting your retirement years on a rocking chair on your front porch is no longer ideal. Seniors in Florida can choose between a variety of natural attractions.

We won’t feature all 100 best retirement cities, just the ones in Florida. If you’d like to see the whole list, click here.

[Source: News Channel 8]

Here are the best Florida cities for retirement

  • Whiskey Creek, Florida

    • Number 14 on Stacker’s list
    • Population: 5,508
    • Median Rent: $1,417
  • Jensen Beach, Florida

    • Number 13 on Stacker’s list
    • Population: 13,592
    • Median Rent: $1,112
  • Cypress Lake, Florida

    • Number 11 on Stacker’s list
    • Population: 12,766
    • Median Rent: $1,411
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  • Siesta Key, Florida

    • Number 9 on Stacker’s list
    • Population: 5,587
    • Median Rent: $1,707

    The Best Florida Cities For Retirement

  • Gulf Stream, Florida

  • Hillsboro Beach, Florida

    • Number 7 on Stacker’s list
    • Population: 1,964
    • Median Rent: $2,493

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  • South Palm Beach, Florida

    • Number 5 on Stacker’s list
    • Population: 1,855
    • Median Rent: $1,458

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  • Indian River Shores, Florida

    • Number 4 on Stacker’s list
    • Population: 4,255
    • Median Rent: $1,500

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  • Highland Beach, Florida

    • Number 3 on Stacker’s list
    • Population: 3,907
    • Median Rent: $2,828

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  • Pelican Bay, Florida

    • Number 1 on Stacker’s list
    • Population: 6,257
    • Median Rent: $1,741

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