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This changes how the app will be used in America.

You probably know someone who is a TikTok zombie. It’s now the second most used app on Earth, led only by Google. But the app has come under increased scrutiny lately, as national security issues have come to light.
Two bills that would ban TikTok from public schools were officially passed yesterday, making it now forbidden to access the site from any wifi that is provided by Florida school districts. The law applies to all grades, from kindergarten to 12h grade. Along with the ban, classes are now required to teach students about the dangers of social media and security risks that come along with user agreements. With an exponential increase of TikTok use across America, legislators say the Chinese-owned company has unprecedented access to the personal information of U.S. citizens, which is a clear and present danger to national security.
TikTok is owned by ByteDance, which gathers personal information about every user, all while supplying them with endless short reels of video. Most users sign up without ever reading the user agreement fully, allowing the company to reap untold amounts of information. That information contains more than you think. It could allow the manufacturer to see everything on your phone, contacts, pictures, video, messages, texts, emails, work-related correspondence, passwords, key strokes and medical information. Meanwhile, a representative for TikTok says concern is way overblown, saying the company gathers less information than other apps. He also said the company is currently undergoing a relocation of all of its servers to America. Source:

Get Your VD On

14 Valentine's Day Specials Around Tampa Bay

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Whether you celebrate with your boo, your friends, or just yourself, here are some ways to celebrate around Tampa Bay.

Many fancy restaurants around the Bay area are offering special V-Day plans! Whether it’s a prefix dinner or a themed event, there are lots of ways to celebrate. The tough part is, which place are you going to choose? Whatever you choose to do, make sure you book a reservation to avoid any long wait times. Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday, some of these specials or events take place over the weekend. Maybe before your date, check out our ideas for free dates ideas around Tampa Bay.

An honorable mention that didn’t make the list include: The wine and dine cooking demonstration at Publix in Citrus Park. In this class, you’ll learn how to make a four-course meal including pan-roasted porterhouse, and a decadent dessert. Click here for more info.

Creative Loafing came up with this awesome list for V-Day specials throughout Tampa Bay. It gave us a little inspiration to make our own list.

Here are 14 Valentine’s Day Specials Around Tampa Bay

Motley’s Best

Motley Crue: Their 40 Best Songs, Ranked

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