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Weekdays 10:30am - 3pm

Gaffigan has ties to Tampa.

Let’s admit it, 2020 was a dark period for many of us. We were locked in our homes, forbidden to show up for work, unable to sit down for a meal at our favorite restaurant. Thankfully, Jim Gaffigan helped America survive COVID. Now wait, hear me out…
As many of us were sitting at home and working from our couch, we felt disconnected and even a bit lonely. Gaffigan’s homemade vlogs were hilarious and personal. They showed us that we could not only survive the pandemic, but truly embrace the insanity of the experience. He made a lot of new fans during that period, but he’s always been the man. Gaffigan is so loved in the Bay area that his locally scheduled show has turned into a 4-show series. Gaffigan has a history here. He spent about a year here after college and he loved the experience. And now, the big news. During the series of Tampa shows this weekend at the Straz, Gaffigan will be filming for a new Netflix special, meaning ya better wear a clean shirt!
Gaffigan, who is a father of five, featured his family on his pandemic vlogs and continues to use them for inspiration in his current material. His oldest son, Jack has already expressed an interest in comedy, but Gaffigan says he’s moving slowly with the venture, citing a crazy industry that can be hard to master. Gaffigan is a family man and he loves it. He also loves food. He remembers taco joints in Tampa mostly, saying some of the best mexican food he’s ever eaten was here in the Bay.
The truth is, Jim Gaffigan is a show you truly don’t want to miss. So if you don’t have tickets yet, make it happen and we will see you there! Contact the Straz Cenetr for ticket availability.

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Sean Roberts was conceived in the Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky by two passionate, panel aligning, third shifters who had grown bored with the same ole same ole. Upon birth, he was placed in the trunk of a new Stingray and sent off to find his destiny. That destiny included several stints on radio stations across the United States. Some played punk country gospel, while others focused on Croatian death metal played backwards. After many years and many adventures, Sean wound up on The Shark, where he does shots of tequila while playing the most badass tunes ever created by humankind. He remains humble, however, never forgetting about the lean years...the street corners and dark alleys where he played songs on his car stereo for food and sex. He's on top and he's never gonna stop LIVING THE DREAM!