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The man had a plan that involved two carts.

Shoplifting is very common these days. Just think about all the times you’ve pulled up to the grocery store to find a police cruiser sitting next to the entrance. The officers are almost certainly sitting in a small interior room with an employee and a suspect. It’s small stuff mostly, a pair of shoes or a bottle of alcohol. But a man in Seminole has taken the game to new heights by attempting to steal 45 bottles of alcohol while buying two cases of beer. Here’s what happened.
Deputies from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department say they arrested 51-year-old John Bylock on Tuesday on theft charges after employees contacted them. Investigators say they watched surveillance tapes that showed the suspect buying two cases of beer. But that’s when things got weird. After paying for the beer, the cameras showed Bylock rolling a full cart to his car. The problem was, the cart contained dozens of bottles of alcohol that he hadn’t purchased. Once the suspect returned to the store, he grabbed the cart that contained his beer and took it out to his car.
Bylock is accused of taking a impressive load of alcohol, such as 30 bottles of Crown Royal in various flavors, 9 bottles of wine and 6 large bottles of vodka. The total value of the alcohol was almost $1,300. The man was arrested and charged with grand theft. He has bonded out of the Pinellas County Jail and is awaiting his court date. Source:

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