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We haven't even made it to preseason and the Buccaneers maybe out. Tom Brady's retirement lost the Buccaneers a winning 2023 season.

Everyone will talk about how great Tom Brady was and what he did for the Buccaneers. In all reality, Tom Brady has already lost the Buccaneers a winning 2023 season. You would think Tom Brady’s retirement would open up a ton of cap space for the Tampa Bay Bucs, right?  Think again.

Despite hanging up his cleats, Brady’s contract will still carry a $35 million dead cap hit – likely split up into $10 million in 2023 and $25 million in 2024. In fact, the Bucs are currently projected to be a whopping $55 million over the cap in 2023 – a number that doesn’t even count pending free agents. So we won’t even be able to offer the homeless guy down the street a sandwich to throw the ball at practice at this point.

Without the money to put into a new QB replacement, we can guarantee any hopes of a 2023 winning season are done. Before you start talking about 2nd-string, this is the NFL. We don’t get many Tom Bradys or Brock Purdys. Guys, whose big chance came when the 1st String got injured, and you somehow got to pull the nose up on a crashing plane. We need some experience leading the team.

Are the Bucs going to have to blow things up next year with no Brady and an overloaded salary cap?  Who will be playing quarterback in Tampa next year? If the salary cap wasn’t an issue, we picked 3 solid replacements for Tom Brady. Check them out here! [Source Yahoo News]

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