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The principal is on adminsitrative leave.

Getting your car keyed just sucks, and it happens more often than you’d think. Some people are jealous, others don’t like how you parked. Regardless of the reasons or circumstances, damaging someone’s car is illegal. Parking lots are a prime location for such vandalism, as evidenced by an incident last week at a Publix in St. Cloud.

In a bizarre case out of St. Cloud, a Florida high school principal has been arrested as a suspect in a car-keying case. Osceola County police say they arrested Nathaniel Fancher, who is the principal of St. Cloud High School, for keying the entire length of a vehicle that was parked in a local Publix parking lot. The car suffered $3,000 worth of damage. While the Osceola County School District confirmed Fancher’s criminal charge of criminal mischief, they provided no further details. Francher was booked into the Osceola County Jail, but has since paid his bond and remains free until his court date.

Vandalism to automobiles is nothing new, but recent cases have proven to be very costly for the perpretrators. Many late-model cars, including Teslas, are now equipped with onboard surveillance systems with multiple cameras that document the crime and the person who did it. Many vandals have been caught and prosecuted via the high-tech gadgetry. Source:

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