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We can spend all day talking about last season. We know it was bad just look at our other stories if you really want to get the jist. This story is about how a good player got the raw end of the deal as a Bucs WR was denied Comeback Player of the Year Award. Wednesday the NFL announced three finalist for this award and they were from the Giants, 49ers, and Seattle. Bucs fans, who are used to this sort of treatment were left wondering about the turn around of WR Chris Godwin.

Why was Godwin deserving of this you ask? Godwin sufferd from a torn ACL in Week 15 of the 2021 season. His recoevery was stellar and he was given the green light to make the starting lineup Week 1 of this season. In this season he manaaged to set a Franchise Record of 110 receptions as well as making this the third season of his career with over 1,000 yards. So let me stress this, he did all of that despite the terrible place we have seen our offense in all year. Articles are trying to play it cool and say no disrespect to the finalist but buddy come on. How did a team thats destroying it in the playoffs make it on this list. Its a Comeback not already there list. So yeah Bucs WR Chris Godwin was denied the  Comeback Player of the Year award. [Source Bucs Wire]