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It was a bad season lets not deny this. But was it bad enough for the Bucs to run damage control for Tom Bradys bad Season?

You can be a fan of the GOAT without having to ride the train into the chasm. Everyone in Tampa loves having Tom Brady as our Quarterback he’s brought new life into a dying franchise. Can you look at this year and tell anyone with a straight face and say that this didn’t have anything to do with Tom? Well, you would be lying if you did. Divorce, age, changes to roster you name it problems plagued the 7-time winning quarterback. Drama on and off the field with many teammates hasn’t left Tom in a good light. Well, the Bucs are here to save the day. The Bucs try damage control for Tom Brady after his bad season.

In the video series “In the Current,” they show the inside words of the organization and its players. The latest episode opens up with a locker room speech given by Tom Brady trying to ignite the fire in his team. This is causing people to speculate the reason why is obvious. They believe it was to show that Tom Brady is invested in the team. That he wants to play with the Buccaneers. The same speculators say that Brady’s drive to win was not shared with everyone. The counterargument is “WHO DOESN’T “T WANT TO WIN A SUPERBOWL!”

Finally and this is just opinion but it is all damage control. Look we talked about it up top this was not the GOAT’s best season.  I’m not here to attack the man or the Buccaneers. However, if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck I am gonna call it a duck. Outside of Todd Bowles people are looking for someone to slam the blame on. In the NFL it will always be the QB. So the Bucs want to try and relieve some of the pressure on Tom Brady by running damage control. [Source Fan Nation]