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Some people embellish a little when they say they caught a ton of fish the other day. Not CBP as a ton of cocaine was seized near Florida.

We all have one friend that embellishes just a little. They either have caught the biggest of fish, drank the most beer, or slayed the most women back in high school. Well, that is not us and we are not him when we say that Border Patrol Agents seized 2,262 pounds of that good old booger sugar on its way to Humacao, Puerto Rico. They calculated the value to be $23.5 million.

Friday CBP agents from Jacksonville were traveling the open waters when they saw a boat with two outboard engines and 3 crew members running around on deck. The boat was heading to a nearby island, so they maintained visual on it until they were able to get other boats to intercept it. When they overtook the boat, they found 36 bales of Cocaine on board with the crew. Two non-citizens from the Dominican Republic and one non-citizen from Colombia were arrested.

Now if you want to put this into perspective this is the second most successful capture in 2023. So apparently the ton of cocaine seized near Florida is not that big compared to other busts. Right now CBP is reporting to have already captured over 15,675 lbs. of cocaine nationwide. [Source WFLA]

9 Stores In Tampa To Make The Perfect Pirate Costume For Gasparilla

Arrgghhh matey’s! Gasparilla is right around the corner and before you know it, you’ll be scrambling to make the perfect pirate costume. We’re here to make your search easy by listing the best 9 stores in Tampa where you can find the perfect Gasparilla gear! The invasion of pirates will take place on January 28. Here’s more info on this year’s parade.

Whether you’re looking for some authentic pirate costumes or just need some accessories, head to these stores for all your Gaspy needs! 10 Tampa Bay (WTSP) made a great list with some good starter places. But if you don’t want to rely on Amazon or Etsy to get your stuff on time, there are plenty of local places to try! Tampa weather gurus expect a little rain for the Children’s parade, but at least the temps will stay in the mid 70’s. The invasion and adult parade should have gorgeous skies and temps in the 60’s!

[Source: 10 Tampa Bay]

Here’s our list of 9 stores in Tampa where you can find the perfect pirate costume: