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Will the changes fix it?

When I moved to Tampa back in 2016, I heard it over and over again…“avoid I-4 at all costs”. Sure enough, the I-275/I-4 interchange has lived up to its reputation. Without exception, my life has come to a screeching halt every single time I’ve ventured into malfunction junction. There are over 1,000 crashes a year in that area. But now a plan is in the works to remove the suck from the whole thing, and here it is.

Beginning this summer, a huge $223 million dollar project will begin. It includes a “flyover bridge”, which would allow two lanes of traffic to drive above existing traffic. Additional traffic lanes will also be built. The project will eventually connect to the I-275 capacity project, too. Plus, the plan includes efforts to get more people to use public transportation. The biggest problem is choke points, where merging and lane changes force traffic to slow down or even stop, and Tampa has lots of them. The Howard Frankland Bridge and the Westshore Interchange have been screwing up our rush hour traffic for months now.

In the meantime, residents are being asked what they would like to see alongside the planned routes. Some of the ideas that have been submitted so far include dog parks or sports areas. Residents are also being asked about preferred surfaces or artwork on barrier walls and landscaping. Until then, though, we will remain utterly terrified of the I-275/I-4 interchange. A public meeting is scheduled for January 26 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. Source:

David Crosby: The “Hippiest Hippy” Ever

David Crosby Offered Feedback on How Well Twitter Users Rolled Joints

David Crosby has died at age 81. In tribute, we are resurfacing a piece from March 2020. At the time, Crosby went viral for offering feedback on photos of joints shared by Twitter users. We view this as a fun way to honor the legend that he likely would’ve enjoyed, himself. RIP.

Many musicians are good at Twitter, but few are truly great at using the social media platform. David Crosby falls into the latter. If you want proof, you need to check out the feedback he’s offering on how well other Twitter users roll joints.

For nearly the past 24 hours, Crosby has been retweeting photos of joints from people asking him what they thought of their rolling skills. Upon scrolling through Croz’s feed, this feedback flood appears to originate from a retweet where he tells mental health counselor Jeffrey Guterman, “Jeff…I need to show you how to roll a joint.”

  • Here's the joint in question...

    Guterman captioned the photo, “I’m lighting this puffer at sunset which is 6:25 PM ET. I usually get many queries about why I wait until sunset. I prefer to wait because I get too tired if I ingest early in the day and, also, it helps me appreciate weed more when I hold off.”

  • Crosby then shared a photo of a joint he rolled...

    He captioned the photo, “This is what they are supposed to look like.”

    And then slowly after that, Crosby started retweeting other joints with his feedback. Scroll through the tweets below. It’s both educational and hilarious. Who says you can’t have fun learning?!

  • Strike!

    “Poor …looks like a snake who swallowed a bowling ball”

  • Croz doesn't approve.

    Crosby delivered a one-word review on this one: “Lame.”

  • Now we're getting somewhere...

    Crosby wasn’t too offended by this joint and gave it a grade of “Not bad.”

  • Not impressed!

    Crosby gave this joint a poor grade calling it “Crumpled and puny.”

  • Crosby calls B.S.

    After a user submitted a photo of their joint, Crosby responded with, “That my friend is a commercially machine made pre-roll and I will work just fine.”

  • Croz doesn't trust this joint.

    Crosby said of this joint, “I still [say] that that’s an alien probe ….disguised.”

  • Crosby salutes.

    Three words for this one: “Battle scarred veteran.”

  • Impressed, but a little frightened.

    This may have been Crosby’s best review. When a Twitter user shared a photo of a large blunt, Croz replied, “That is a party waiting to happen…..beautiful even though it is the size of a small sex toy.”

I Coulda Told Ya That

 Florida Comes in at #2 For Highest Auto Insurance Rates

It’s probably not a surprise to you, but we pay way more than our neighbors in other states for car insurance. Drive on Highway 19 or I-4 and it’s not hard to see why. But believe it or not, there is one other state that has to pay more than we do.

ValuePenguin did the research and came up with this list of the 10 most expensive states for full auto insurance coverage. Want the cheapest car insurance? They say move to Maine or Vermont. Even crossing the state line to Georgia can cut your rate in half compared to what we pay in Florida.  But avoid these 10 states.

  • #10: Colorado

    Kind of a surprise to me. Maybe their drivers are a mile high behind the wheel? Colorado drivers pay on average $168 per month.

  • #9: Kentucky

    Another one I wouldn’t have expected to see on the list.  They pay $170 per month.

  • #8: Delaware

    Philadelphia drivers are pretty wild, but I never had any problems driving through Delaware.  But I didn’t stop long.  They average $171 per month.

  • #7: Connecticut

    There’s probably a big range in rates based on which city you actually live in.  Connecticut has a lot of woods with just a few really busy spots like Hartford and I-95 heading to New York City.

  • #6: Massachusetts

    Absolutely surprised New York nor Massachusetts ranked in the top 3.  Believe it or not, New York doesn’t even make the top 10 list!  I’ve lived most of my adult life in Massachusetts and if you have friends or family up there, you’ve probably heard the infamous word they use for Mass drivers.  Massho**s.  I think you can figure it out.

  • #5: Louisiana

    No doubt the hurricanes have contributed to their sky high rates.

  • #4: Nevada

    Things get wild in Las Vegas, but once you get out of that area, it’s a lot of desert so I’m sure you can save a buck or two if you live in the ‘burbs.

  • #3: Rhode Island

    Totally makes sense.  I love Providence, but you get a lot of fast drivers en route to NYC.  Plus New England winters mean fender benders.

  • #2: Florida

    Drive on our highways and you know why we made the list.  Of course Floridians tend to plead innocent and say it’s all the out of state drivers who drive the rates up by driving poorly.  But if they were bad drivers, wouldn’t their home states beat us out?

  • #1: Michigan

    I’ve never driven in Michigan but I’m sure Detroit traffic must be wild.  Add in all the awful winter weather they get and it’s probably why Michigan ran away with the title of most expensive state in the nation for auto insurance.  They pay on average almost $400 a month, according to the study!  That’s almost DOUBLE what we pay in Florida according to their research!

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