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It's a cluster-f at the airport.

On the heels of a catastrophic meltdown of the Southwest Airlines computer control system last week, the Federal Aviation Administration has replied with “hold my beer”.
The FAA experienced a total and epic shutdown this morning of a flight control system that allows flight crews and airport personnel to communicate and get flight information. That meant an absolute shutdown of all flight across the United States this morning. The Federal Aviation Administration issued a statement this morning, saying that the NOTAM system (Notice To Air Missions), which allows pilots and crews to plan out their flights, went down in flames this morning with no warning. As the FAA continues their efforts to get the system runing again, air travel has ground to a halt, this after last week’s horrendous failure of a similar outdated system with Southwest Airlines that stranded thousands of travelers across the U.S., including thousands in our own Tampa International Airport.
Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary, has spoken with President Joe Biden and has said there is no evidence that the incident was a terrorist attack at this time. There is already a plan to perform a full investigation of the shutdown. because of the outage, all travelers are urged to call or contact their airline before headeding to their respective airport. Source:

Time To Drink

9 Tasty Mocktails In The Tampa Bay Area And Where To Find Them

We like to party here in Tampa Bay, but some people have sworn off the hootch for Dry January or trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Conveniently, the mocktail trend has been steadily growing in the area. Whether you’re practicing Dry January or have sworn off alcohol for good, multiple Tampa area bars are catering to everyone and including alcohol-free cocktails in their menu. We went to Yelp to see where the best Mocktails are in the Tampa Bay area and came up with a solid list that included a couple of our favorites that didn’t make Yelp’s list.

Theses drinks are tasty for anyone to order! Maybe you want to join in for an Instagram shot. Or let your kid feel like an adult with a “sophisticated” but fun beverage. One thing to look out for when ordering mocktails is the ingredient “Seedlip.” According to the Tampa Bay Times, Seedlip is known to be “the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit.”  You’ll find it as the base ingredient for a lot of these mocktails. A lot of other local restaurants will disguise their drinks on their menu as “Zero-proof” or “spirit free.”

Note that some of these places might change their menu depending on the season. Be sure to check out their website for more info!

Here are 9 tasty mocktails to try in the Tampa Bay Area

  • The Sophia At Counter Culture

    One of the trendiest places in Tampa offers two tasty mocktails on their menu! The Sophia features Seedlip spice, blueberry-rosemerry shrub, lemon, and ginger beer!

  • Emerald at Velvet Gypsy

    Velvet Gyspy is a great little dive bar located in Seminole Heights. Their mocktails are named after gems/crystals! Try the Emerald, made with jalapeno, pineapple and ginger!

    9 Tasty Mocktails In The Tampa Bay Area And Where To Find Them

    Photo by: Glorioso/BBGI

  • Found Weekend at Wild Child

    The Found Weekend mocktail at Wild Child in St. Pete has the best reviews we’ve found! It’s made of watermelon juice, lime, agave, and mint!

  • Bird Of Paradise - Rox Rooftop Bar At Current Hotel

    The Rox Rooftop Bar at the Current Hotel in Tampa has 4 different mocktails to choose from! From coffee flavored to tropical tastes, each one sounds so delicious! Each mocktail is made with Lyre’s White Cane Spirit, a non-alcoholic white rum. The Bird of Paradise is made of Lyre’s White Cane, Hibiscus syrup, Fresh Lemon, and Sparkling water!

  • Strawberry-Basil Refresher at Shaker & Peel

    Shaker & Peel have 3 delicious zero-proof mocktails to choose from! They each sounds so refreshing and delicious but our favorite is the Strawberry-Basil Refresher.

  • La Llorona at Spook Easy Lounge

    Spook Easy Lounge located in Ybor is the best place to go for non-alcoholic beverages because well, that’s what they dedicate their menu to! They serve everything from kava, kratom and Delta 8 (all non-alcoholic substances, but still cause some mind-altering effects) as well as botanical teas! Try the La Llorona, A mango-pineapple-chipotle, drowned in bubbles that will haunt your spicy dreams.

  • Blackbird at Rooster & The Till

    Make your way from Velvet Gypsy to Rooster & The Till for your mocktail tour around Seminole Heights. Try the Blackbird, made with blackberry, sage, lemon, and sparkling water!

  • Ginger "Bourbon" Smash at LaLa Bar In St. Pete

    St. Pete’s prime karaoke bar offers 5 tasty mocktails on their menu! For those who really miss the taste of mules should try the Ginger Bourbon Smash! Made with Spiritless Kentucky 74, ginger syrup, lemon, sugar, and mint!

  • Cinny Bunny at Datz

    The Datz location in Tampa has 2 mocktails on their menu to choose from. The Cinny Bunny is apparently Instagram-worthy as well! It’s made with almond milk, cinnamon bun syrup, cold brew, whipped cream, vanilla icing and a mini cinnamon bun! Sign us up!

  • Honorable Mention: Lucid Zero Proof Lounge - Opening soon!

    This one-of-a-kind cocktail bar is set to open in January of 2023. Located at 3102 Lithia Pinecrest Rd, Valrico. Their menu will feature elevated takes on classic cocktails WITHOUT the alcohol. The Apple Pie Old Fashioned and Cocoa Espresso Martini are two drinks we can’t wait to try!

Remember When People Flew Out Of Airports?

7 Great Airfare Deals from Tampa for 2023 Travel

This time of year, the airlines tend to drop their prices now that the busy holiday travel season is over. You can find some good deals right now for flights out of Tampa… especially if you pack light. The business model for airlines has changed over the years. They lure you in with those super low airfares and then upcharge things like snacks, WiFi or carry on baggage.

Here are some of the best ROUNDTRIP flight deals I found this morning (January 10, 2023) for one week getaways over the next several months.

  • San Francisco: $153

    Leave Tampa January 19 at 8:45 AM, connect in Las Vegas, arrive at 3:32pm
    Leave San Francisco January 25 at 6:20am, stop in Denver, arrive at 5:44pm

    Frontier is one of those no frills airlines. So you’re going to pay if you have a carry on. And hotel accommodations in San Francisco are NOT cheap. But you can’t beat $150 for a coast to coast flight. I lived about an hour away from San Francisco for about 5 years. You can really get the good stuff out of the way in a day or two in SF. The really great spots to visit are a short road trip away. Rent a car and head up to wine country, Lake Tahoe or head south to Monterey.

  • Seattle & Las Vegas: $149

    Leave Tampa January 26 at 2:15pm, connect in Denver, arrive at 9:29pm
    Leave Seattle February 1 at 11:35am, spend 9 hours in Las Vegas, arrive at 6:30am
    This could be fun. Two vacations in one. How good are you at sleeping on a plane? I’ve never been to Seattle but it’s on my list. On your way back, there’s a NINE hour layover. That would normally stink BUT your layover is in Vegas! Get out of the airport and go hit the tables, take some selfies on the Las Vegas strip and fill up at a buffet before you head back to the airport to get back to Tampa for an overnight flight.

  • Boston: $68

    Leave Tampa January 26 at 1:25pm and fly direct, arriving at 4:22pm
    Leave Boston February 1 at 5:15pm, you’re back in Tampa by 8:46pm
    This one is indeed a bargain. But again, there’s an extra charge for a carryon since this is Spirit Airlines. Many refuse to fly Spirit. I only have been on one of their flights and it wasn’t so bad. While in Boston, make sure you visit my second home – the North End. It’s the Italian section with some of the best smells anywhere as you walk up and down Hanover Street. Get the Chicken Parmesan at Giacomo’s and try to save room for cannoli after at Mike’s Pastry … or Modern Pastry if you really want the less flavorful, but more legit Italian desserts.

  • Chicago: $58

    Leave Tampa January 19 at 10:49pm, arrive at 12:31am
    Leave Chicago January 25 at 6:15am, arrive at 9:49am
    If you’re willing to fly at really inconvenient times, this price is a steal. But do keep in mind you’re rolling the dice when you fly to Chicago in January. Bitter cold and lake snow are a tough mix for us Floridians. There could be travel delays and waking up at 4AM to travel is no fun. But Chicago is worth it. Especially when you take that first bite into a deep dish sausage pizza at Lou Malnati’s. By the way – pro tip. You can get their pizza in the freezers at that little deli across from the old race track on Gandy!

  • Bogota: $233

    Leave Tampa February 13 at 7am, arrive at 2:16pm
    Leave Bogota February 22 at 3:10pm, arrive at 10:48pm
    Bet you didn’t thing Colombia would be on this list. South America was really never on my travel bucket list but a friend who moved there 5 years ago kept bugging me to visit. I went this summer and LOVED it. Not only will you save money on this flight, once you get to Colombia, your jaw drops at how cheap hotels, AirBnBs, restaurants and other things are. You can live like a king for next to nothing. There are rough spots for tourists to avoid, but I never felt unsafe. And be sure to take the gondola to the top of Monserrate. It’s an incredible but exhausting experience because of the elevation.

  • Denver: $78

    Leave Tampa January 19 at 8:10pm, arrive at 10:28pm
    Leave Denver January 25 at 12:13pm, arrive at 5:44pm
    Love nonstop flights like me? Again, like all these airfare deals, there’s an extra upcharge for a carry on bag, but here’s my pro tip. Go on Amazon and search for a “Frontier travel bag”. It’s the maximum size for a personal item… and you’d be surprised how much you can fit inside! They’re only about $10. And chances are you won’t be traveling with skis anyway if you’re a Floridian anyway.

  • New York: $118


    Leave Tampa at 7am, arrive at 9:40am
    Leave NYC at 7:35pm, arrive at 10:48pm
    Shocker: this Delta deal DOES include a carry-on bag. You’ll be the last to board, but these are both non-stop flights so that’s a win to me. You’ll fly in and out of LaGuardia. New York City is one of those where I highly recommend you use AirBnB. You can save a ton of money, but you also get a more true New York City experience. Generic Manhattan hotels are expensive and boring. You can find great apartments to rent for the same or less in Queens and Brooklyn.

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