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Tuesday's Game should be a easy win for the Lightning as they take on the Blue Jackets, but will the Lightning continue their home win streak?

Currently the Tampa Bay Lightning are 3rd in the Atlantic Division with the standings 24-13-1, but will the Lightning continue their current home win streak? We take on the Blue Jackets on Tuesday and they currently sit at 8th in the Metropolitan Division. Tampa has currently won 7 home games in a row and the odds are looking good going in Tuesday’s game.

Here is what pushes the Lightning above Blue Jackets and could help the Lightning continue their home win streak. The Lightning are +21 on the scoring differential. This means they are scoring more goals than they allow. This compared to the -52 of the Blue Jackets means our offense has a better chance of scoring then their Offense.

Comparing the averages of the last 10 games things look good for Tampa. The Lightning currently hold 6-4-0 against the Blue Jackets 2-8-0. This may be because the Blue Jackets have some key players still out on injury and have not been able t recover from the loss.

Here is how we lose. Penalties are the bane to any team out there, but this season feels as if the Lightning have not been good on capitalizing on the power plays nor have, they been able to defend against. Take a look at the previous game against the Jets, where we 8 minor penalties and this allowed the Jets to score two goals. We are currently above the League average but if you look back at the early season, we couldn’t score on the Power Play to save our lives. As long as we stay out of the box and put pressure on the defense this is our way to victory, and the Lightning will continue their home win streak. [Source AP News]

Tampa Bay Lightning Storm Jersey's Are Back: Twitter Reacts

The second version of the NHL Adidas Retro Reverse jerseys dropped today. The Tampa Bay Lightning retro jersey pays homage to storm jerseys from the 90’s. The team will wear the Lightning storm retro jerseys on select nights throughout the season. These jerseys are a big hit, depending on who you ask. A lot of fans thought the old 90’s jersey was hideous and had too much stuff going on. But just like many other 90’s trends, it came back in popular demand recently. In fact, if you find an old 90’s storm jersey for sale on sites like Mercari and eBay, they’ll sell for at least $300, if not more. Currently, there are some storm jerseys for sale on eBay for $850.

This years jersey was teased multiple times on the Lightning’s social media accounts. The hype to bring back the old 90’s jersey was huge. Many fans commented all over the Instagram post “I’ve waited YEARS for this.” But after seeing mock-ups compared to the final product, a lot of fans aren’t so sure about the design. Some call it “so bad, it’s good.”

These jerseys will be available online starting November 15 for $190-$240. If you are a fan of the limited edition jersey, you might want to buy yours fast.

What do you think of the design? Did it do the old 90’s jerseys justice? Check out what fans had to say about the drop below.

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