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Damar Hamlin leaves stadium through tunnel.

If you were anywhere near Raymond James Stadium last night, you saw a huge display of support for injured Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin. The stadium was glowing with blue and red light all night, showing love and support from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Even more impressive, the same wave of sentiment canvassed the entire United States last night. Stadiums from sea to sea joined together to stand behind one man. Hamlin experienced cardiac arrest immediately after a tackle during a game against the Cincinnnati Bengals last Monday night. Hamlin’s heart was restarted as he lay on the field. He was then taken to a local hospital where he has been in intensive care ever since.
Throughout the week, the story has touched America like never before. National sportscasters have prayed for Hamlin live on-air, Hamlin’s favorite charity has recieved millions of dollars of donations and teams across the country have shown support in record levels. Hamlin’s family made a public statement about the huge outpouring of support, saying the widespreadlove they feel is overwhelming. As the massive show of support continues, an announcement from the hosptial says Hamlin has shown some signs of improvemnent. Although he will remain in ICU as his health care team treats and monitors his condition closely.
Yesterday, the Bucs were among many NFL teams across the country to show support for Hamlin by illuminating their stadiums with blue and red lights. Here is a photo series showing all of the displays across America. Source:

Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones Had A Birthday This Week

5 Best Led Zeppelin Songs Co-Written By John Paul Jones

Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones celebrates his birthday today (January 3.) While Jimmy Page and Robert Plant get a lot of attention for writing Zeppelin’s biggest hits, Jones has his share of songwriting credits on many fan favorites.

In honor of his birthday, we look at five of the best Zeppelin songs co-written by Jones.

  • 5. 'Trampled Under Foot'

    One of the best grooves Zeppelin ever produced.

  • 4. 'Black Dog'

    Following the more mellow, acoustic Led Zeppelin III, Led Zeppelin IV brought a return to hard rock form and kicks off with this bold statement track.

  • 3. 'Rock and Roll'

    Some songs build up to the chorus, and some blast off one the first note. “Rock and Roll” is the latter.

  • 2. 'Good Times Bad Times'

    Zeppelin sure did know how to kick off an album, even on their debut!

  • 1. 'Whole Lotta Love'

    C’mon…could any other song be number one?

Mimosas For Everyone!

13 Best Boozy Brunches In Tampa Bay

Need a spot to help cure your hangover? Check out these 13 best boozy brunch spots in the Tampa Bay area. Most of these places include bottomless mimosas, which let’s be real, is the main reason to go out for brunch. We also included spots that have insane Bloody Mary’s or a build-you-own bar. There are so many good options to choose for a brunch place in Tampa, with the help of, we made a list of the best boozy brunches in Tampa Bay.

Because most of these places are so popular, we recommend reserving a table for your brunch date! With many of these places offering bottomless drinks, it’s pretty common for tables to camp out for a few hours. Most places serve brunch on Saturday’s AND Sunday’s, be sure to check the restaurants menu before you go!


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