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The intruder was wearing nothing but a towel.

There’s nothing like coming home after a hard day of work, settling back in your favorite chair and popping the top on a cold, frothy beverage. Your home is a sacred, serene place. It’s the fruit of your labors, it’s your refuge from the world. But not everyone respects your property.
Take the case of a Fort Myers, Florida man, who was visiting some neighbors when he got a message on his phone that a man wearing a towel on his head was wandering around outside his home and trying to get inside. By the time the man arrived back at his home, he opened the front door to find an unknown man standing in his living room and going through his things. The man was wearing nothing but a towel. That’s when the bad guy reportedly ran toward the homeowner in an attempt to attack him. However, homey don’t play that. Instead of backing off, he punched the intruder directly in the face. When the naked guy tried to escape, the victim nailed him in the face again.
When deputies arrived on the scene, they found an injured 64-year-old man, his nose still swollen from the punches he received during the altercation. The suspect was charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling during a state of emergency. It’s an unusual charge, but the Fort Myers area is still under emergency status after Hurricane Ian back in September. While the homeowner’s name was not released, the sheriff of Lee County called the homeowner “courageous” and commended him for defending his property successfully. BONUS INFORMATION: Investigators learned that the man had also relieved himself while pilfering through the home…and failed to flush. Classy. Source:

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