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By now, you think we would have found the perfect beer. Well, we will never stop looking because what’s the fun in that? Nothing get’s me more excited than kicking back after work and popping the top off a cold one. So if I am sitting around drinking a beer, then I might as well tell you if you Chug It! or Pour it Out! This week we go back to one I feel like I forgot about, and it’s a George Killian Irish Red. It was a blast to the past almost when I took the swig, so let’s get to this weeks Beer of the Week: Irish Red.

So the. Irish Red has pretty long history, in 1864 a man wanted to drink beer from with his friends and so he started brewing in his backyard. Now the beer gets its name from the color it has, obviously, when you pour it in to a glass its got a soft red color and light foam. This beer has very little head. If you are fan of brandy this is actually a good beer because it has such a smooth flavor that made it go down so easy.

So should you Chug It! or Pour it Out! Well you should Chug It! This was a blast to the past, I almost felt like I was enjoying a beer with some friends. It went down smooth and by the time I finished the 6 pack I was feeling the right amount of buzz. I felt like I could take on another if I wanted but wasn’t to far gone to want to fight someone for it. Chug It! guys its worth grabbing this beer at the local store and getting some friends together for anything really.

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