One million dollars takes up a lot of space.

If you’re gonna go, ya might as well go big. If you’re gonna catch charges, ya might as well get a stack of felonies. If you’re gonna get caught with drugs, ya might as well have 4 pounds of cocaine…and a gun…and $1.1 million dollars in cash in your possession. For reference, here’s what the cash looks like when spread out on a table and being guarded by masked guys with AR-15s.
The Lee County Sheriff’s Department is pretty happy this morning. They just busted quite a drug operation. The investigation, called Operation narco Navidad”, just netted the department a huge haul of naughty stuff. Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno held a press conference last week describing the extensive bust and who was taken into custody. As evidenced in the pictures posted on social media, Lee County deputies captured a huge amount of cocaine, a gun and over a million dollars in cash. The cash is spread across a table and is being protected by two armed undercover officers.
The scheme began to unravel for the drug smugglers when a tipster informed the United States Postal Inspector about suspicious packages that were regularly coming in from Puerto Rico last month. Lee County investigators say 48-year-old Robert Navarro of Fort Myers and 49-year-old Anibal Pagan of North Fort Myers are both accused of smuggling drugs into Florida after a search of a storgae unit produced the massive haul of drugs and money.
Both suspects will be spending the holidays in custody at the Lee County Jail. The confiscated cash will be used to fight drug-related crime in the area. The suspects are scheduled to appear in court on January 9th, 2023. Source:

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