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After reading this, you may want to find a church as this Florida Man is accused of going to Church after defiling a dog!

A Florida man is accused of going to church after defiling a dog. Our Florida man, who for the sake of this text will be called FM, was reportedly seen by multiple witnesses doing some dirty things with a dog and then running off to church afterward.

On Sunday, cops were called to an apartment complex over McMullen Booth Road and Eastland Boulevard, where residents reported the scene in detail. When cops arrived, they confronted the FM, and he ran over to the Northwood Presbyterian Church and ended up knocking over a nativity display and potted plants, according to the department. This wasn’t the only place he managed to scramble to as he tried to elude police afterward in a nearby neighborhood. Here he destroyed a mailbox and eventually tried stealing a car. Police were able to apprehended him. The total damage he caused is estimated at $400!

According to Clearwater Police, our FM is charged with sexual activity involving animals, lewd or lascivious exhibitions, exposure of sexual organs, and criminal mischief to a place of worship. [Source WTSP]

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