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A slice equaling 2-foot in length sounds big to me but worlds largest? We will find out when worlds largest pizza slice comest to Tampa!

Many arguments pop up regarding pizza: New York or Chicago; Digiornio or delivery; should we keep it or just throw it out? One argument that never seems to come up is where the world’s largest pizza slice is. Well, it’s gonna come local soon as the world’s largest pizza slice comes to Tampa. Fat Boys is a chain local to Louisiana and Mississippi, but they plan to open 10 locations in the Tampa Bay area.

Fat Boys sells pizza at the whopping size of 30″. Letting them describe it, they say it looks like the world got smaller when you look at it any given slice. Pizza is not your thing they also offer a big selection of wings, waffle fries, salads, meatballs, daiquiris, and a full liquor bar. Now we didn’t really want to believe the size of these slices, but we started digging around, and we found this:

Now there is a bit of an issue as a local Pizza place boasts the world’s largest Pizza slice. Madison Avenue Pizza in Dunedin sells a pie that is 32″. But what Fat Boys offers that Madison Ave doesn’t is the two-foot pizza slice challenge. You get a custom cut of a giant slice from a whole pizza, and guests attempt to consume it in under seven minutes for a chance to win $20 and a shirt. Or become a legend and beat the ultimate challenge to defeat competitive eater Joey Chestnut’s 39-second record for a cash prize. No exact location has been announced or when they will arrive but they will be on their way to Tampa soon. [Source Creative Loafing]

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