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The smoke could be seen for miles.

We’ve all heard the old phrase “going out with a bang”. Until today’s story, I imagined it meant dying while having sex. But that’s not what happened to a Florida man yesterday.
It was truly a freak accident that started with ANOTHER accident. Police in Melbourne, Florida say a two-vehicle crash that occurred at an intersection sent two vehicles directly into the parking lot of a fireworks store. Investigators say an SUV collided with a Toyota Tacoma, sending both vehicles toward the fireworks store at high speed. While the Toyota Tacoma was able to stop safely, the driver of the SUV wasn’t so lucky. The SUV continued uncontrollably across the parking lot and impacted the building hard, driving deeply into the business. Once the vehicle drove deeply into the building, the entire structure caught fire.

As a local TV station’s live video shows, the cloud of smoke from the engulfed Phantom Fireworks store on West New Haven Avenue could be seen from miles away. Fire officials later announced that the driver of the SUV did not survive the crash and ensung fire. The identity of the victim has not been released. The driver of the Toyota tacoma was uninjured and remained on-scene and was questioned by law enforcement. No employees were injured in the incident. The cause of the crash has not yet bene determined and remains under investigation. Source:

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The Shark's Sean Roberts Visits Galaxy Fireworks Main Showroom

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