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Want to know what a good beer is? Zito's Beer of the Week is a Bleach Blonde Ale. Will you Chug it! or Pour it Out?

You may be going into Thanksgiving trying to figure out what you should bring to dinner so you can get Crazy Uncle Chuck to start going off on why “Girl Scouts are trying to Read his mind with Thin Mints.” Well, don’t worry; we got you covered. Every week we try another beer and let you know you should Chug It! or Pour It Out! This week our beer of choice comes from a local brewery here in Saint Pete. 3 Daughters Brewing Company presents Bleach Blonde Ale.

I never met a beer I didn’t like. My producer, well, he’s a bit pickier when it comes to this. He took a sip and said we should Pour It Out! However, this is why he’s a producer. This beer is excellent, and I can say a refreshing taste from the last two weeks as we tried different IPAs. The Bleach Blonde Ale is a pleasant refreshing taste that will throw you if you are not ready for it.

It went down easy as it poured into my mug, which was what set it over for me. I didn’t feel that urge to wince when you take a big swig of other beers, but I felt relaxed and refreshed. Some say it’s got a citrusy taste that is noticeable, but I felt you could taste the grains of it. It was nice, like enjoying a higher-class beer without paying high-class prices. This is your light beer, too; you can drink quite a few, feel a buzz, and keep chugging like a champ. Therefore this beer gets my Chug It! seal of approval!

The Price of Beer at Every NFL Stadium In 2021-2022

The 2022 NFL Season is upon us, and if you’re road tripping to a far away stadium, we’re here to help you to plan your beer budget, based on what beer cost at every NFL stadium last season.

Every year, sports business data firm Team Marketing Report releases its NFL Fan Cost Index and they found that the price of beer varies greatly across the stadiums. Statista has really good data on this, too.  And the price of a beer seems to be totally unrelated to how good the team is. For example, a beer at a Jaguars game is double what they charge in Cincinnati at a Bengals game. The Dolphins charge $11 which is why fans might be more inclined to show up drunk. The Washington Commanders probably have no business charging for beer at all. They should make beer free to anyone willing to buy a ticket. And the beer should delivered. With peanuts!

With that: let’s analyze the price of beer at each of the NFL stadiums. Keep in mind that this is what beer cost last season, and there’s a good chance that prices could go up for the upcoming 2022/2023 season.