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She removed her bra and wandered around.

It happens all the time at my house. Women show up, have a few drinks, then take their clothes off. I’ve learned to live with it. But there are places where you may not wanna drop your top. Among them are Florida’s legendary theme parks. While alcohol is provided at many of the attractions, that doesn’t mean you should fill ‘er up to the rim, if you know what I’m saying.

Police in Orlando say a woman was a bit snookered when she decided to remove her bra and flash passersby at a Universal theme park last month. Universal security forces were informed about a woman who was acting disorderly. When they made contact with the woman, she became problematic and refused to leave the venue. The decision was made to escort her away from the crowds and toward the parking garage where she was going to get an Uber ride home. That’s where things went a little sideways. According to Universal representatives, the woman was arrested for trespassing after she took off her top and exposed her breasts to fellow park goers in the parking garage.

Orlando police reported that the woman was topless at one point, using a cowboy hat to partially cover her breasts. They went on to say that the woman agreed to leave the park at one point, but was too drunk to figure out how to find the exits. Authorities say the suspect tried to use her phone to call an Uber a few times, but was unsuccessful. Shortly after the failed attempts to get a ride, the woman attempted to re-enter the park. That’s when park personnel told police that they were going to press trespassing charges against the suspect. Orlando police arrested the woman and indicated that she didn’t make it easy for them to place her into custody, saying she dropped her body several times and attempted to make it as difficult as possible to move her.

Later, the woman pleaded not guilty to the trespassing charge and entered a pre-trial diversion program designed to keep the incident off of her record. The woman completed the program and must now get through a probationary period with no further offenses. Source:

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