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The prospects are lining up, and they are ready to tackle the challenge of Tom Brady. With all the choices, Tom Brady could start a harem!

Look what any of us wouldn’t give to pull chicks just a 1/4 as hot as some of these girls chasing the GOAT! With all the girls chasing Tom Brady, he could start a harem of nothing but the finest! Since the divorce between Gisele and Tom was final, girls all over the internet have been eyeing down the Super Bowl QB. Playboy, Onlyfans, Podcasters, and even a researcher. That’s right, someone who wants to see Tom Brady for, let’s say, “research purposes!” With all the girls he has, Tom Brady could start a harem on a level with Hue Heffner!

Of the list of women who are chasing Tom Brady right now is, in fact, a Playboy model. She was the Octobers Cover Model in Norway. It is Sarah Blake! Look, we would like to show you her photos, but they are that hot! Let’s say he wants to get wild and make some money from it; how about Onlyfans! model Mayra Flores? The Brazillian model now living here in Orlando could keep the GOAT local. She says despite not being a football fan, she wouldn’t try to interfere with anything on the gridiron.

Ok, so we went supermodels, but there are knockouts for sure or superfans we will let you pick. So let’s humble ourselves with Kendra Middleton, a very attractive sportscaster for New England sports. She also hosts her podcast and has expressed interest in chasing Tom Brady. With a significant part of his history there in Foxborough, this could work out for both of them. Finally, we have a researcher. That’s right, academia has come for Tom, and Bobbi Stark claims that it would be a missed research opportunity if she didn’t fly to Clearwater and happened to meet him at a bar and shoot her shot. For the science, of course. Her words that if she missed this chance: “Oh, one million percent, I would regret it if I didn’t.” So let’s face it Brady doesn’t have any reason to be upset with Gisele anymore he’s got plenty of girls to fill the void. Tom Brady could start a harem with all these potential prospects! [Source NY Post]

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