It’s going to be a crazy week of traveling soon! Whether you’re flying or driving, be prepared for busy roadways and lots of crowds. The weekend before Thanksgiving is usually the busiest days at Tampa International Airport. On the roads, the day before Thanksgiving and the day after are usually the busiest. Here are our travel tips for the holidays with the help from ABC Action News. 

Tips For Travelling By Plane:

According to our source, Tampa International Airport expects to see 725,000 people pass through the airport during the Thanksgiving travel period. Although this number is slightly smaller than last years, it still leads to chaos at the airport. Here are some helpful tips to relieve some travelling headaches.

  1. Book airport parking ahead of time online. TPA spokesperson pointed out that it’s always cheaper to book your parking spot in advance. This tip also helps TPA manage their parking spaces and garages.
  2. GET TO THE AIRPORT TWO HOURS BEFORE YOUR FLIGHT!! I’m sure every airport employee wants to scream this from the rooftops. Allow yourself plenty of time to get through super long security lines. This means showing up to the airport at least TWO HOURS before your departure.
  3. If you’re picking up someone from the airport, wait in the cell phone lot. This helps with congestion as multiple flights will be coming in around the same time.
  4. If you’re not checking a bag and do not need to check in, use the very handy blue express curbsides.
  5. If you ARE checking a bag, weigh it at home before you go to the airport. You don’t want to be that person re-arranging your baggage in the middle of a busy airport.
  6. Use TPA To-Go if you are ordering food at the airport. The lines will get very long, so you can skip the line and pick up at the counter if you order ahead.

Tips For Travelling By Car:

AAA expects 2.7 million people to drive to Thanksgiving destination just in FLORIDA. Here are some travel tips that could help with your road rage.

  1. Leave first thing in the morning to beat some of the traffic.
  2. You certainly want to allow yourself extra room between the vehicles in front of you.
  3. Take your vehicle into the shop before your road trip for a full inspection.
  4. Maintain a moderate speed. If you travel at 55 mph you will save close to 21% more on your gas mileage versus traveling 10-15 miles over.
  5. Know how to change a tire. Accidents happen, and sometimes the simplest solution is fixing a tire. AAA is expecting to respond to over 411,000 calls during the Thanksgiving travel period. So you don’t want to rely on them for easy roadside repairs, otherwise you’ll be waiting for a very long time.
  6. Know your limit. Sometimes driving while sleepy just as dangerous as driving buzzed. If you’re having trouble keeping your eyes open, it may be time to pull over at a hotel and get some rest.

[Source: ABC Action News]