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Chris Gostkowski has been having supernatural encounters since he was a kid. Now he’s taken his passion for ghost hunting and using it to give back to the community. Gostkowski and his fiancé, Alex Wilkinson, have made names for themselves as Tampa Bay’s ghost hunters. They’ve investigated spirits at multiple historic Tampa Bay locations and give back to each place they visit. 

The couple owns close to $30,000 in ghost-detecting equipment, blinking hi-tech gadgets that respond to heat, energy, movement and sound. Gostkowski can calm the mind of any skeptic with his computers FULL of paranormal evidence.

Don’t believe it yourself? The couple hosts multiple events throughout the year. Their next event will feature a paranormal investigation in the newly renovated Hacienda Hotel in New Port Richey. The duo will host a sold-out evening of dinner, ghosts and good times. But there’s no reason to be scared. The ghost hunter clarified that there’s nothing negative there at all. “It’s basically the spirits saying ‘Hello, I’m here, we want to give you our story.'”

Gostkowski and Wilkinson are both invested in their community almost as much as they are invested in contacting spirits. Their Paranormal Kicks Cancer program raises money for families in need. The program is inspired by Gostkowski’s father, who died of cancer.

Do you still need some convincing? Head to their website here to see their ghostly interactions and evidence!

[Source: ABC Action News]