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Still looking for the perfect Halloween costume? Look no further! The Polk County Sheriff’s Office has the complete Grady Judd costume.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office jumped on a new social media trend recently. If you haven’t seen any of the memes, people have been editing photos of Spirit Halloween costume bags to funny and (obviously) fake costumes. The sheriff’s office decided to hop on this trend and make a costume of their own. The complete Sheriff Grady Judd costume comes with 6 accessories. Check out the social post below.

News Channel 8 pointed out that the Moonpie and 7-Up “accessories” are an ode to a memorable Judd quote. He was addressing Polk County’s murder rate in October 2021, with Judd saying, “Just chill out. Drink a 7up. Eat a MoonPie. Quit murdering people.”

Our favorite feature of the costume is the Polk County Dictionary so people can speak “Polk County.” Although the costume is obviously fake, Judd pointed out that they DO have a REAL Sheriff Grady Judd costume for kids, complete with an inflatable Polk County Sheriff car. The costume is available for pickup or order online. Click here to see the costume and how to order one! 

[Source: News Channel 8]