Locations will open after the new year.

It’s a strange new world out there, folks. The times are changing quickly and the latest news is gonna blow your mind. Circle K will soon be selling weed in select stores in 2023.
Circle K is a global brand. Their gas stations and convenience stores span the planet, and they recently inked a deal with Green Thumb Industries from Chicago. Green Thumb is among the largest producers of cannibus in America. That alliance will enable Circle K to offer marijuana and marijuana products to the public at about a dozen stores across Florida beginning in 2023.
Green Thumb will lease space from Circle K in several different locations. The stores, called Rise Express, will feature Green Thumb products and will all have separate entrances from the main stores. Green Thumb will stock pre-rolled weed, gummies and vape products. As usual, only Floridians with medical cards may purchase the products.
Green Thumb is currently building a 28-acre growing facility in Ocala. The company already has dispensary locations in Bonita Springs, Pinellas Park, West Palm Beach and more. The CEO says they are in a unique position to grow and supply cannibus to Florida in a much more efficient way than the competition. Florida is the first state in America to take the step of selling weed through retail locations. It has not yet been announced which specific locations will be chosen to sell the marijuana products. Source: CLTampa.com

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