He emptied his gun into the other car.

It all began when one man, driving a black Dodge Ram encountered another man, driving a Nissan Murano. As the two men drove along US Highway 1 in Florida, their families in tow, a case of full-blown road rage developed. Investigators say 36-year-old William Hale and 43-year-old Frank Allison exchanged middle fingers and brake checks until weapons were drawn and used.
The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office says witnesses observed the two vehicles careening in and out of traffic and driving erratically. Hale told officers that he was driving along the highway when Allison tried to run him off of the road. That’s when the two began to escalate the situation. Someone in Allison’s vehicle is accused of flipping off Hale’s family, then Hale allegedly threw a water bottle at the other car. Shortly after the water bottle was thrown, Hale said he heard a gunshot, which hit his 5-year-old daughter in the leg. That’s when hale says he grabbed his pistol and emptied it into the other car. One of those rounds hit Allison’s 14-year-old daughter in the chest, collapsing her lung.
Both men found an officer on the side of the road and stopped for help. As the officer attempted to render aid, the two men began fighting on the roadside again. Both men were arrested on the scene. Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper, chastised the men, saying their anger almost killed two kids. Source: Fox35Orlando.com

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