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Getting your toes in the sand is about to get easier. The SunRunner is ready to take you to the beach. The Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) has been working on a better way for St. Petersburg residents to get the beach since 2009. All that planning, design, and construction are about to payoff.

The SunRunner is the first rapid bus system in Tampa Bay. Spanking brand-new buses will have dedicated lanes to whisk passengers to our beautiful beaches. Plus they will have wi-fi, phone chargers, and feature a cashless pay system. PSTA plans to have these buses run every 15 minutes from 6AM to 8PM and and every 30 minutes from 8PM to midnight. Total travel time from downtown St. Pete to the beach: 35 minutes.

For the first six months of operation, the SunRunner ride will be free. After that, it will cost you only $2.25 each way and you will pay via the Flamingo Fares app.

The SunRunner will make it’s first trip to the beach Friday, October 21st. [SOURCE Bay News 9]

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