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Champa Bay is one of the best cities in the country for a number of reasons, but now we get to add pizza to that list. Along with the best sports teams, beaches, weather, attractions, and now pizza! You can find the best pizza in the country right in Tampa Bay’s backyard at The Nona Slice House in Safety Harbor. 

Jamie Culliton, the owner of the Nona Slice House, is not only a world-champion pizza acrobat, but his pizzas are award winning as well! His Margherita pizza won best in the country in 2011 and has still held up those standards. It’s a simple recipe but the home-made dough, sauce, and quality ingredients take it out of this world.

First, Jamie starts with stretching the home-made dough, working around the edge so it’s a nice thin and crispy crust. Then he adds hand-sliced fresh mozzarella with gaps in between to leave room for the sauce. Jamie only gets the freshest ingredients, his home-made tomato sauce features tomatoes imported straight from Italy.

The menu at The Nona Slice House is loaded with specialty pizzas, you won’t know which one to pick! The El Diablo specialty pizza is also an award winning creation packed with flavor, especially if you like it on the spicier side. PRO TIP: What ever pizza you get, ask for a side of their hot honey, you’ll thank us later.

The Nona Slice House also features pizza by the slice daily! They always have cheese and pepperoni for those who keep it simple. They also have a meat and veggie slice to choose from, which changes every day. Make sure you follow their social media to see what they’re creating today! On Tuesdays the slices are Detroit style, meaning they’re baked in a blue-steel pan. It’s a think but light/airy crust with cheese baked into it! Learn more about their menu, specialty pizzas and drink specials here!