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Things change quickly, so stay up to date on Ian.

I know what you’re thinking…Sean is trying to freak us out. He’s exaggerating. He’s blowing this whole thing out of proportion. Let me start by saying, I’d like for Ian to just fall apart out in the Gulf somewhere. But that’s probably not gonna happen.
Forecasters are sayng this could wind up being the largest storm to hit Tampa in over 100 years. By comparison, back in 1921, when we experienced a hurricane that was approximately the same dimensions of Ian, there were only 21 thousand people in Tampa. Now there are 3.1 million residents. The big bad boogie man this time around appears to be the storm surge. That’s nothing new, but the degree of surge may be larger than we’ve seen in our lifetimes. As it approaches from the south, Ian will pick up a huge amount of water, which it will then dump into the bay. Coastal towns and properties are most at risk right now. High winds should continue to push water into the bay for an extended period of time, lasting as long as Friday. The numbers right now from the national Hurricane Center says most of us will get a 5-10 foot storm surge and up to 15 inches of rain. Your location will determine exact numbers.
many of you got the same text yesterday, telling you that evacuations have begun for different zones. It is recommended that you follow the warnings and get yourselves to safety as soon as ou can.
As I said earlier, the last time we got a storm of this magnitude, we weren’t even naming them yet. It was referred to as the trapons prings storm and it happened back in 1921. eight deaths were attributed to the storm that also caused about $5 million dollars in damages (1921 dollars). Research shows that only about 20% of category 3 or higher hurricanes have hit Tampa since 1851. As many of you know, legend has it that the city of Tampa is forever protected by a Native American b;essing that wards off invaders and hurricanes. Let’s hope the legend is true. Source:

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