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As a Florida resident, Jocelyn Penson has seen her fair share of alligators and crocodiles. But nothing could have prepared her for a visit from “Godzilla.”

Penson was visiting her son in Apopka earlier this month when she spotted a huge, dog-sized lizard scaling the window. “OMG! Look at this!” Penson wrote on Facebook alongside a video of the creature. “It looks like Godzilla to me!”

Actually, “Godzilla” is a Savannah Monitor Lizard, which is native to sub-Saharan Africa — but not Florida, according to the Fish and Wildlife Commission. Experts suggest the lizard that turned up in Apopka was either a former pet or had been freed from a wildlife sanctuary by a hurricane.

I can tell you first hand these things run wild in Cape Coral and have been an invasive species there for quite some time.  You definitely need to be careful if you have a pet dog or cat roaming around outside. [Source:]