The owner says the shrooms definitely get you high!

Ybor City has some cool shops and hot spots. In just a few blocks, you can do everything from dancing on a bar at Coyote Ugly to watching skilled artisans making a cigar in a centuries-old tradition. But now there’s something new to investigate, a magic mushroom shop!
The new shop is called Chillum Mushrooms and Hemp Dispensary and it’s located in the heart of Ybor. The owner says it’s not about the sale of illegal mushroom products, but growing and consuming legal mushroom products. Not only is it the first hemp dispensary in the sarea, it’s also the first to offer mushroom products. In fact, the store is the very first mushroom dispensary in America. Not only does Chillum sell shrooms, but they also sell grow kits and other associated equipment for the consumer. I know what you’re thinking…how can someone sell magic mushrooms legally? Here’s how. The mushrooms that Chillum sells do not contain psilocybin, the hallucinogen found in illegal mushrooms. They do contain, however, similar properties that are legal for sale in the United States. Chillum is not new to this sort of thing, having been involved in the early marketing and sale of hemp products in Florida. Source:

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