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It’s a sad day for beer lovers. The Southbound lanes of I-75 were closed this morning after 5 semis collide, one of which was carrying cases of Coors Light. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, around 6 a.m. two semis were traveling on I-75 and crashed into each other when one tried to change lanes. One truck stopped on the outside shoulder while the other one stopped in the outside lane.

Troopers said that two other semis stopped behind the truck that was stopped in the outside lane. A pickup truck followed in their actions and stopped behind the initial crash. That’s when a fifth semi failed to break in time and crashed into the pickup truck. Thankfully, only minor injuries were reported, according to FHP.

Here’s the heartbreaking news. The fifth semi that caused the collision with the pickup truck was carrying a very large Coors Light delivery. The beer filled semi propelled forward and into the fourth semi that was stopped, which was transporting concrete. The loads of both semis spilled on the interstate.

Check out the Twitter post below from FHP. It’s a tragedy to see the interstate covered in loose boxes and cans of beer.

Could you picture witnessing this madness? I would definitely have to hop out of my car and help them clean up some of the loose debris, *wink wink*.