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The NFL hooked up Tom with a new schedule.

We’ve all been there and done that. My gf and I have had our share of arguments. We’ve both stormed off, stomping and slamming doors. It’s a bit different when you and your wife have kids and are worth almost a billion dollars combined. When Tom Brady and his wife Gisele appeared to be having some marital problems over the last month or so, it threw Tampa into a frenzy. How would it affect Tom’s ability to win games?
The new week may have brought with it some great news. Tom and Gisele seem to have reached an agreement. It starts with the announceent of a new work structure for Tom, with each Wenesday now being listed as a rest day from the NFL. It’s the first time the Buccaneers have afforded a player such a luxury. According to a source close to the power couple, Gisele insisted that Tom spend more time with her and the family or she was going to leave. Sources say Gisele was upset about how Tom came out of retirement and signed on for another season. In a recent interview with Elle magazine, Gisele said she fears for Tom’s safety, saying that football is a very violent sport and that Tom has responsibilties as a father and husband, too. The truth is, no one can say where things will go from here. Will the super couple settle in to their retirement years without drama next yer, or will another blow up happen at the end of the season? Brady announced his retirement last year after a winning seven Super Bowls, only to announce his return 6 weeks later. Source:

Tom is a focused dude!

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