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It’s always heated on the field when the Buccaneers face the Saints, this past Sunday was no different. If you were watching the game on Sunday you probably saw the scrummage between Mike Evans and Marshon Lattimore early in the fourth quarter. This wouldn’t be the first interaction between the two players. A lot of tension has built on the field between these two teams. With the help of Sportingnews.com we took a look at the history between these players and how all this beef started.

November 2017

The first altercation between Evans and Lattimore started back in 2017. The altercation began by Lattimore getting in the face of former Bucs QB, Jameis Winston. Video shows that Winston instigated the event by sticking his finger inside Lattimore’s helmet. He then retaliated with a shove to Winston in the chest. Next thing you know, 225 pound Mike Evans slams into the cornerback from behind. This cleared both benches in a huge on-field brawl. In the end, Evans was called for unnecessary roughness, though neither he nor Lattimore were suspended for the incident.

September 2020

This altercation was probably the most tame compared to the 2017 and the most current incident. Lattimore was heated after he covered Evans and shoved him in the back. Mike retaliated by shoving him back, knocking his helmet off. The only repercussion from this incident was a personal foul penalty to Lattimore for instigating.

September 2022

We all saw what happened this past Sunday. It’s no doubt that Evans railroaded Lattimore after there was some shoving going on between him and Tampa Bay’s Leonard Fournette. Evans had seen enough when he noticed Lattimore getting too close to Tampa QB Tom Brady. Evans even argued his ejection to the officials saying, “That’s Tom Brady. What do you want me to do?” This altercation was the final straw for officials and led to both players getting suspended for one game.

It’s easy to say that Mike Evans always has his teammates back. Some would argue that because of his past behavior, a one-game suspension is not enough. Personally, I love the energy from Evans, it shows how much he cares about the team. Do you think Evans deserved the one-game suspension?