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Mike Evans almost made it through the entire game without any trouble, but one thing set him off and ultimately got him kicked from the game!

After a close back-and-forth game between the Bucs and Saints, Tampa managed to come through in the end and win but not without a major loss. Mike Evans was kicked out of the game with a little under 13 min left. It all happened after a bench-clearing brawl between Evans and Marshon Lattimore. Both were ultimately ejected from the game, but what was Mike Evans kicked out? The reason was actually simple and kinda bromantic.

After a play, Lattimore decided it was time to talk a little smack about the GOAT Tom Brady, and Running back Leonard Fournette, but Evans was not having it. Fournette shoved Lattimore and decided that was almost the end of that. Evans, who was not even on the field saw this going down and decided to step in as he cleared the bench to start to lay into Lattimore.

So it was football circa Janet’s nipple slip when one guy comes off the bench they all come off. And it was a good brawl. Ultimately both Evans and Lattimore were kicked from the game. But if you thought the story ended there, you’d be sadly mistaken. Evans is the ultimate bro! He went after Lattimore back in 2017 when Lattimore decided to shove Jameis Winston on the sideline when Jameis decided to touch Lattimore’s helmet.

Both players were sent to the locker room and there is expected to be a fine for both teams. But it was totally worth it.Ā  [Source CBS NFL]

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