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Honoree Britney Spears attends the 29th Annual GLAAD Media Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on April 12, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California.

Britney Spears has wished for both of her parents to “burn in hell” in an Instagram post that has since been made unavailable as her account was disabled. On Sunday night (September 11), Spears, 40, recalled details of her conservatorship that spanned 13 years.

The “Hold Me Closer” singer said “the weirdest thing she’s ever encountered” before she had to “go to that place” (presumingly referring to a rehab facility) was that she had her first MRI for a cyst on her chest when she was around eight years old. Doctors told her she was fine. But her parents insisted for her to have three more MRIs throughout her conservatorship, which “didn’t make sense,” Spears alleged. The appointments even led Spears to believe they were hiding a “secret” cancer diagnosis from her and that the MRIs were a new kind of cancer treatment.

Per indy100, Spears said, “The isolation, the nurses, the vials of blood, the constant communication … I was like, ‘Wait, is this a new kind of cancer treatment? Is that why they sent me away to this place? They didn’t want me to know [a] big secret?'” She concluded by saying she believes her parents were “just being mean” and that her father was “trying to kill me.”

“I hope he burns in f—ing hell,” she said, which she reiterated in the lengthy post caption. She also assured her fans that she is “still alive” and “fine.”

Per Yahoo!, Britney wrote in the caption, “Sorry I will never forget because of the pain and the difference in being out of my head clear moving my feet … its only been 10 months since the conservatorship has ended … I wouldn’t wish that kind of pain on anyone !!! It’s extremely hard for me to accept the fact that my family did that to me … it will be hard for me for the rest of my life … as for my Mom and Dad who sat back and hid coffee from me at the house to wake me up from feeling dead and scared like an old lady … and threw me away … I will say it loud and proud … I pray you both burn in hell.”

Since her posting, Spears’ Instagram account has been disabled. This is the second time that Spears has disabled her Instagram account recently, with the singer disabling her account in late August days before she took to YouTube to address fans directly and tell her side of the story of her conservatorship. As we earlier reported, she said that her family had abandoned her amid her conservatorship. “They literally killed me. They threw me away… I was performing for thousands of people at night in Vegas. I was a machine. I was a f—ing machine, not even human almost. It was insane,” Spears said in the video. Spears also noted that despite all that has gone on between her and her father Jamie Spears, she’s angrier at her mother Lynne: “I feel like she could have gotten me a lawyer in literally two seconds.” She added, “My friend helped me get one in the end, but every time I made contact with a firm, my phone was tapped and my phone would get taken away from me.”

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