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Residents inspect the extreme receding water in Tampa Bay ahead of Hurricane Irma on September 10, 2017 in Tampa, Florida. Hurricane Irma made landfall in the Florida Keys as a Category 4 storm on Sunday, lashing the state with 130 mph winds as it moves up the coast.

We’ve been really lucky so far this hurricane season in Tampa Bay. In fact, all of Florida has been able to escape any threat of hurricane activity. We’re well into September and there hasn’t even been talk of a Tropical Storm. How long can our good luck last?

Denis Phillips from ABC Action News says we should be fine for at least a couple more weeks. He says there’s a lot of action in the Atlantic, but he sees no potential threats to Florida… or the entire United States for that matter. He says with the technology we have right now we can only look about 2 weeks ahead. But the good news is there’s no news until at least the end of September.

Don’t get too terribly comfortable with the lack of wild weather. We’re only about halfway through hurricane season. The 2022 Atlantic hurricane season officially began on June 1 and ends November 30, 2022.

Looking Back: It was 5 years ago this week we were dealing with Hurricane Irma.