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Florida man strikes again! A Clearwater man was charged with two felonies for throwing pizza at a person 65 years or older on Sunday afternoon. There must be something in the air because this is not our first time covering someone being arrested for using food as a weapon.

News Channel 8 reported that Kyle Barthelmes, 44 year old from Clearwater, got into a verbal argument with a woman. The argument started because she asked him to lower his voice because he was being obnoxious from drinking and taking Xanax. After the argument started to escalate, a third person intervened.

Barthelmes next move was to grab several items from the freezer and threw them at the people in the home. He grabbed a piece of pizza and chucked it at the person trying to maintain peace. Next thing he knew, he was struck in the chest with a pizza. Barthelmes left the home shortly after.

This is not Barthelmes first interaction with the Pinellas County police this year. He was previously arrested for a similar crime in July. I wonder if pizza was still his weapon of choice. His criminal record is full of other dangerous charges like aggravated battery, possession of crack/cocaine, trespassing and others.