Both suspects were placed in cuffs after the incident.

It seemed to be a typical traffic stop. Florida man and his girlfriend were standing in front of the police cruiser with their legs spread apart slightly. As officers patted down the pair, a dash cam caught the man tossing something under the cop car. The bad news is, the officer saw it too.
The video shows a deputy checking the pockets of 49-year-old Lee Sanberg as another suspect was searched next to him. Suddenly, the man can be seen throwing something under the cruiser. As soon as the deputy saw it, he immediately cuffed the man and investigated. The deputy reached under the car and found a 1/2 pound bag of methamphetamine. Investigators said the man admitted to buying the meth while he was in Volusia County. Deputies think the man bought the drugs to resell it in Orange City. The woman who was with Sanberg was also handcuffed during the incident. Neither person admitted to owning the methamphetamine. During a search of the two suspects, officers also found another gram of meth in Sanberg’s sock. Sanberg was charged with trafficking in methamphetamine, tampering with evidence and resisting an officer without violence. Source:

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